Recap: Polling Finds Majority Supports Using Private Capital to Reliably Reduce GSE Taxpayer Risks

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(February 16, 2016) Last week saw more activity demonstrating the value of private Mortgage Insurance as a reliable way to enhance access to mortgage credit for consumers and protect taxpayers against housing losses, particularly through greater front end risk sharing by the GSEs:

  • USMI released a new fact sheet showing how MIs are strong counterparties that reliably transfer mortgage credit risk
  • DS News reported on new polling from USMI showing strong national support for reducing GSE and taxpayer risk through increased reliance on private capital
  • USMI Chairman and Genworth MI CEO Rohit Gupta appeared at the Urban Institute /Core Logic Forum on risk sharing, “Credit Risk Transfer: Making a Successful Program Even Better.”
    • Gupta talked about the enhanced reliability and higher capital standards for MI, and how deeper MI coverage on GSE loans would almost double the amount of loss protection for the GSEs and taxpayers
    • Urban’s Laurie Goodman talked about an advantage of front end risk sharing with MI to pass savings through to consumers

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