Mortgage Insurance: An Enduring Piece of Housing Finance Reform

February 13, 2018

While discussing 2018 housing finance reform recently, specifically private mortgage insurance’s role in helping homebuyers and protecting lenders and the GSEs in the mortgage finance system, I was reminded of one of the most significant reasons MI is uniquely valuable: it is compatible with nearly every form of mortgage credit execution.

Assessing Proposals to Reform America’s Housing Finance System

June 26, 2017

Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, the housing finance system remains largely structurally unreformed.

Private Mortgage Insurance at 60 Years: USMI’s Lindsey Johnson interviews USMI Board Chairman Pat Sinks

April 27, 2017

The private MI industry is in the midst of a once in a generation opportunity to positively reform the country’s housing finance system. To do it right, there must be a comprehensive approach to evaluate what the proper role is for the GSEs, FHA, and private capital.

Time to Be Transparent about Fannie and Freddie Upfront Risk Fees

December 8, 2016

Data show homeownership has become out of reach for many and that reducing or eliminating upfront fees is overdue.

2017: An Opportunity to Coordinate America’s Housing Policy

December 1, 2016

The outcome of the historic 2016 election means that one party will control all three branches of government starting in 2017, which presents a unique opportunity to examine the underpinnings of the housing finance system and establish a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to housing policy, rather than just tinkering around the edges of the mortgage finance industry.

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